Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

What Questions Do You Have To Ask When You Want Granite Countertops?

by Delores Chavez

Granite counter tops can be impressive if you're looking to upgrade the look of your kitchen. However, to get good stone slabs that will last and keep you happy, you've got to ask the questions below.

What Grade Should I Consider?

Once you start investigating various granite slabs to use, it may surprise you to see all the options available. Wanting to avoid overspending, it's possible that you consider commercial or second grade slabs because of cost without looking at so-called first grade pieces. You might look at some samples of cheaper slabs and think they look fine for your home. However, what you've got to know is that samples are not necessarily representative of the pieces that will be delivered to your house; when you use slabs that aren't first-grade, you are likely to get pieces that aren't uniform in color or quality. If it's important to you that your counter tops look similar, stick with first-grade slabs and ensure that you look at the pieces that will be used before you agree to purchase them.

How Thick Should My Granite Slabs Be?

Another cost-saving measure used by some is to order thinner pieces. This may seem smart, but what ends up happening is that the thinner a particular slab is, the more likely it is to crack during the many years that you own it. Therefore, take a look at slabs of various thicknesses and select the thickest pieces that will fit in your budget.

Are There People Cutting and Sanding the Slabs?

A question that you may not think of is one that relates to the cutting, sanding and smoothing work done on the granite pieces before they show up at your house. Some businesses use CNC and milling machines to cut the pieces and industrial sanders to smooth the slabs, but you might want to compare them to those that are cut and sanded by human hands. You're likely to find that when people work on the slabs, they are smoother and wear better over time because of the greater attention to detail.

What Can I Do to Maintain the Slabs?

Be aware that you're probably going to have to apply some kind of commercial sealing product to the slabs you use for your counter tops. That will protect the stones and help them to better withstand spills, oils and other things they'll come into contact with in the kitchen. If you don't seal your counter tops, they will likely stain and lose their looks much sooner.

With these questions, you can make smart decisions about your counter tops. Work with your personal contractor and granite vendors to get the best pieces for your space. Companies like GranBrazil Inc can help.


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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