Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Four Unique Ways To Use Draperies In Your Home

by Delores Chavez

In many households, draperies are simply used on the windows to block sunlight from entering a room or to keep nosey neighbors from seeing into the house. Draperies can actually be used in many more ways besides being hung on windows. Use the guide that follows to learn a few more unique ways you can use draperies in your home. 

Keep Items Hidden Under Your Sinks

There are many times when items are stored under a sink in a laundry room or even in a kitchen that you do not want everyone to be able to see when they come to your home. A small drapery can be hung across the front of the storage space under the sink with a tension rod to hide items out of sight. 

Divide a Shared Room

If you have children who are forced to share a room, hanging draperies from the ceiling down the center of the room can be a great way to create some privacy for each child in the space. You can attach removable hooks to the ceiling and then use shower curtain hooks to hang the curtains from the ceiling. 

Hide Your Washer and Dryer Out of Sight

Many washer and dyers stick out like a sore thumb in basements. If you do not want everyone to be able to see your washer and dryer the second they walk into your basement, hang draperies in front of them. There are curved shower curtain rods that you can use to hang the curtain from the ceiling so that it will allow the draperies to wrap around the washer and dryer and hide them out of sight when they are not being used. 

Create a Stage for Your Children to Play on

Another great use for a drapery is as a curtain for a stage that your children perform on. Create a stage using old pallets and place it in the corner of the room. Hang the drapery with a curved shower curtain rod. Your children will be able to open and close the draperies at the beginning and close of each of their performances. 

All of these ideas are very affordable and very easy for you to do on your own. You will be able to completely transform the look of your home in a very short period of time. There are many unique draperies on the market so finding great options for your home should not be overly difficult to do. 


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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