Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Choosing An Edging Option For Your Granite Countertops

by Delores Chavez

You may have spent a lot of time choosing a granite slab that will become your countertops, paying attention to the overall coloration and the patterning. However, you're not done making decisions about that slab. It's time to decide on an edging style. You have several options ranging from simple to ornate. Let the overall style of your décor help drive your decision.

Sleek, Contemporary Style

Many homeowners like a relatively simple style in their kitchen, perhaps even the sleek, contemporary lines of a chef's kitchen. For this style, Better Homes and Gardens recommends an eased edge, which is basically a straight edge. A half bullnose edge features a rounding at the top, which is also a clean, contemporary way to finish your countertop edges.

Ultra-Modern Style

Perhaps your kitchen is one step beyond simply contemporary and features an industrial feel. In that case, you may want to choose a more creative edging option. The beveled bullnose offers a peaked edge, while a sharp bevel creates an angular edge. Both of these offer a highly modern profile. You could also opt for a chiseled edge, which fabricators have literally chipped and smoothed. This rocky edge gives the feel of the stone's material, which is an ultra-mod effect.

Farmhouse Style

Conversely, the chiseled edge also works for the homey charm of the farmhouse kitchen. While eased edging works here, too, a half bullnose or full bullnose offers a softer profile. With the full bullnose, both the top and bottom edges are rounded.

Old World Style

An old-world kitchen is the exact opposite of the ultra-modern kitchen in that the emphasis is on a generational ambiance. Simple edges work here, too. However, old-world kitchens often have a touch of formality. An ogee edge consists of a small, curving step leading down to a bullnose edge, which adds some formality. A deep ogee edge emphasizes the transition between the two shapes. A Dupont edge is roughly the same except the top step is very shallow.

Formal Style

A formal kitchen might take the old-world style one step farther with furniture-style cabinetry featuring elegant trim. This style calls for more ornate edging to your granite stone countertops. Any of the ogee or Dupont edges work well. However, you might choose the waterfall or triple pencil edge. As the names suggest, this edge consists of three curves "cascading" down. Another three-stepped edge is the elite edge, which features a scroll profile.

Don't leave your granite countertop edging as an afterthought — rather, match it to the style of your kitchen.


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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