Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

4 Tips To Upkeep Of Canvas Awnings To Reduce Wear And Deterioration

by Delores Chavez

If you want to have a durable material for awnings, canvas is one of the best choices. Canvas is a material that is also susceptible to degrading overtime if you do not do the proper maintenance. If you want your canvas awnings to last longer, here are some tips that will help reduce the common problems with wear and deterioration:

1. Avoiding Deterioration by Keeping Canvas Clean

The first part of the maintenance of your canvas is going to be able to keep it clean. Regularly sweeping off the debris of the canvas will help to reduce common problems with wear. Make sure that you clean the canvas with a broom that has the softest bristles that you can find to ensure that it does not cause damage to the canopy.

2. Cleaning the Stains and Embedded Dirt on Canvas Canopies

There are also many problems with stains that can cause damage to your canopy. To remove the stains, you are going to want to use a mild detergent to scrub the stains away. Apply the diluted cleaning mixture to the canvas and scrub it with a broom to remove stains. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the canvas to avoid damage. You may want to repeat the rinsing process several times to ensure no residue from the detergent is left behind.

3. Dealing with Mold and Mildew That Cause Serious Damage to Canvas

Mold and mildew are fungi that can cause serious deterioration and damage to your canvas canopies. To prevent mold and mildew, it is important to regularly clean your canvas awnings. If fungus does begin to grow, you may need to use stronger cleaners to kill the fungi and prevent further damage to your canopies, but make sure you thoroughly rinse the canopy when cleaning.

4. The Proper Drying and Storage of Canvas Awnings and Canopies

One of the causes of stains and mildew with canvas is it not being dried and stored properly. Whenever your canvas gets wet or you clean it, allow it plenty of time to dry before you fold it up for storage. When storing canvas, you are going to want to make sure that the canvas is stored in a safe and dry place to ensure it does not deteriorate when you are not using it.

These are some tips that will help reduce the common problems with where and deterioration of canvas awnings. Contact a canvas canopy service for help with materials for repairs and maintenance of your canvas awnings.


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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