Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Window Treatments For Your Kitchen That Are Easy To Keep Clean

by Delores Chavez

Your kitchen is probably the most used space in your home. Everyone in the home finds their way to the kitchen several times through the day, and many times, they make a mess while they're there. If you're looking to update your kitchen window treatments, you're probably looking to find the treatments that will be easiest to keep clean for a while. Here, you'll find some ideas that can help you select the best window treatments for your kitchen.

Windows around the Sink

The windows that are around the kitchen sink and counter are the windows that will be exposed to the most food, water and grime. It can be difficult to keep the window dressings around this area looking good, but there are a few options that can make it easier for you.

Cotton Drapes – Cotton drapes will be easy for you to care for because they are easy to take down, stain-treat, launder and rehang. As long as stains are treated soon after they occur, many of them will come out with nothing more than a little Oxy Clean in the wash. You can find a wide collection of drapes at a place like

Wood Blinds or Shutters – If your windows are constantly needing cleaned because of all of the splatters coming from food preparation and clean up, you'd do best to stay away from fabric window treatments. Wood blinds or shutters can be used in place of them. If you like the softer look of fabric, you can finish the blinds with an upholstered valance box along the top of the window. This will soften the look without leaving you with fabric to fight to keep clean.

Stick with a Valance – If you don't mind having a clear view out of the window, and in the window, you can skip the lower window treatments altogether. Instead, just hang a pretty valance up and away from the splash area of the counters.

The Other Windows in the Kitchen

The other windows around your kitchen probably aren't as exposed to the messes as the one above your sink, so you do have more options. As you shop for new window treatments for those windows keep a few things in mind:

Measure carefully. You don't want any drapes that will drag on the kitchen floor. Not only will the drapes resting on the floor make the drapes get dirty, but having to move them every time you sweep and mop will become a daunting task.

Choose fabric that is easy to clean and work with. You don't want to invest in drapes that are difficult to keep clean. Choose drapes that don't need to be professionally cleaned so that you can quickly launder them whenever needed.

Talk with a professional window dresser. He or she will assist you with choosing the best window treatments for your kitchen.


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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