Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Methods For Controlling Spiders In The Home

by Delores Chavez

Spiders in the garden are typically beneficial since they keep the garden pest population in check, but in your home they are often unwanted guests. Whether it's a concern of toxic spider varieties, a distaste for the webs everywhere, or simply because they are spiders, most homeowners want the arachnids out of their home. The following can help you develop a spider eradication plan.

Manage Your Exterior

Spiders typically come into your home for one of two things -- protection from the elements or food. Remove piles of dead leaves and brush, and relocate piles of fire wood, to cut down on the amount of spiders nesting near your home. Further, turn on as few porch lights as possible after dark. Spiders tend to congregate near windows and doors with lights because the lights attract the food source. Then, when cool weather comes, spiders move from their outdoor nesting sites and into your home.

Destroy The Food Source

Often, the insect prey is easier to control rather than the spiders themselves. The good news is, if there is nothing to eat in your house, spiders will either die off or leave. Minimizing lights near doorways, cleaning up food crumbs,and regular sweeping and vacuuming can do a lot to minimize insects in the house. Contact a pest control service and schedule a perimeter treatment of your home. This treatment prevents most insects from even entering your home, which will reduce the food source and the spider population. You will likely need to have the treatment reapplied monthly so that it remains effective.

Remove Their Homes

Your vacuum cleaner is an excellent weapon against spiders. These pests often spin webs in corners, along baseboards, near windows, or near a water source like the tub or kitchen sink. Grab your vacuum and its hose attachment and suck up these webs whenever you see them pop up. You can also use a broom to sweep webs out of hard to reach corners. Integrate web removal into your usual weekly cleaning routine and soon the pests will either leave or die off since they can't maintain a web to trap prey.

Consider Spidercide

For severe infestations or those that include venomous spiders, more drastic measures are in order. Many pesticides are ineffective against spiders for a myriad of reasons, but a few potent spidercides are on the market that can be effective when combined with the above tactics. Your pest control service can recommend a treatment program tailored to your home.


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