Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

6 Dining Table Materials To Consider

by Delores Chavez

You have many decisions to make concerning getting a new dining room table. One of the biggest decisions you'll make is what material you want it to be. While a common material is wood, you also have a host of other materials from which to choose.

1. Wood

Wood is the classic material for dining room tables. It's a versatile material that can result in a vast difference in styles. For example, you can have a rustic pine farm table or a polished mahogany table. Wooden tables are also relatively easy to repair. When considering which wooden table to choose, The Spruce recommends choosing a few based on style and then settling on one based on lifestyle.

2. Wood Veneer

A good alternative to a solid wood table is one with a veneer. The manufacturers start with a wood core, typically of some sort of plywood. They glue a thin layer of wood to the core. Like solid wood tables, wood veneer tables vary widely in style. They can also come in at many different price points. 

3. Glass

Glass is an excellent tabletop material because it's durable. The surface is non-porous, so it won't stain. What's more, it can withstand a much higher heat point than wood or wood veneer. You can choose between clear, tinted, or frosted tabletops. Any of the three will reflect light, which adds an airy ambience. You can also choose different pedestals. A glass table will match any décor style.

4. Laminate

Laminate dining room tables became very popular in the mid-century because they're very durable and easy to clean. They eventually fell out of fashion as people turned to modern glass or old-world wood. However, laminate tables are making a comeback. Like glass, they resist staining. They also require very little upkeep. The laminate top is usually designed to resemble wood.

5. Cast Stone

Cast stone isn't the most common material for dining room tables, but it can be all the more eye-catching for that reason. Manufacturers pour concrete into a mold and let it cure in the factory. The tabletops can resemble a slab of stone, such as marble. The artistry comes in the pedestals, though, which usually resemble carved stone. Cast stone tables can be much heavier than wood ones.

6. Metal

You rarely find a fully metal dining room table, though you do see painted metal tables. More commonly, manufacturers use the metal as a framework for the tabletop material. The tabletop can be wood, stone, glass, or tile. These tables often come with ornamented metal legs. Metal might be incorporated into the tabletop, too.

Consider which material or combination of materials best fits your décor and lifestyle.

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