Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

3 Smart Home Automations for Seniors Aging in Place

by Delores Chavez

Many modern senior citizens are opting to spend their retirement years living in their own homes instead of relocating to retirement communities and assisted living facilities, and if you're among them, you're probably looking forward to spending many happy and healthy years in your current home.

However, you probably also know that it's likely that your home will need some renovations to make it as safe as possible for you as you age in place. For instance, grab bars next to bathroom fixtures such as sinks, tubs, and toilets are a standard feature in most home environments designed with safety for seniors in mind, but did you know that smart home technology can also be a valuable tool for seniors? 

Here's how having a smart home automation system installation can enhance your quality of life as you enjoy your retirement years. 

1. Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks solve a variety of potential issues. If you're like most, you've lost or forgotten your keys a time or two over the years, and perhaps you have also accidentally locked yourself out of your home. You probably also know that standing in front of your door digging through your bag for the keys is not only frustrating but doing so also poses a potential safety risk because it makes you an easy target for thieves. Having an electronic lock with touchscreen activation installed means that you can get inside no matter what. 

2. Smart Lighting 

Bright lighting provides an excellent safeguard against unexpected tumbles when arriving home in the dark. Although traditional porch lights can shine bright and strong, they also cast shadows that may be problematic. A floodlight cam that activates when it detects that you've come home at night provides strong ambient lighting meant to minimize shadows. As a bonus, it will also act as a security feature because the lights will come on if the presence of a potential home intruder is detected by the sensor. 

3. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats make it possible for household residents to simply decide what temperature they want the home to be and let the thermostat do the heavy lifting. Those who like lower temperatures while they are sleeping can program the thermostat to lower the temperature of the home during the hours when they're asleep. This not only provides a comfortable environment, but it also helps to keep heating and cooling costs down.  


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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