Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Fireplace Maintenance For Different Types

by Delores Chavez

Fireplaces are a popular feature in homes because they set the mood and provide warmth. However, no two fireplaces are created equal. There are many different types, all with their own directions for maintenance and care. If you are thinking of putting in a fireplace, you should consider what will be required of you and if you are up to the task. For people who already enjoy warm nights by the fire, are you caring for your fireplace properly? Doing so will help you to keep your household safe and your fireplace attractive for years to come.

Here are a few of the most common fireplaces along with basic maintenance that is required for each. 


A wood-burning fireplace requires the most maintenance as far as fireplaces go, though many of those who have one find the work worth the benefit. Before building your first fire, you should have the fireplace and chimney inspected to ensure that everything is in good working order. Clean the interior and the hearth of the fireplace as often as you need for it to not look grungy. When wood burns it gives off a carbonic tar called creosote. When creosote comes in contact with your home it will leave a black mark that will need to be removed regularly. You can avoid the production of creosote by burning only hardwoods that have been properly dried. 


Electric fireplaces are the easiest to maintain. Since it is electric there will be no residues to clean, though you will need to dust regularly. The hardest part of maintaining an electric fireplace is changing the light bulbs regularly and making sure that the fan is working properly. The user manual for your fireplace should give you details as to when and what kind of bulbs should be changed. 


Gas fireplaces are generally very easy to care for. Make sure to keep the exterior free from dust, but also dust off the interior a few times a year. if you have vented logs you can actually brush them off, though you should not use any cleaning supplies on them. Unvented logs do not need regular maintenance but should be inspected yearly by a professional. 

In conclusion, taking care of your fireplace — no matter which type — cannot be overstressed. Protect your family from potential fire danger by installing carbon-monoxide and fire alarms in your home, and have a plan as to what you will do in a fire.

For more information, contact a fireplace maintenance service.


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