Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Want to Install a Fireplace Without Breaking the Bank? Try Vent-Free Gas Logs

by Delores Chavez

If you live in an apartment or another residence that doesn't have a fireplace, you may be missing out on that cozy feeling and want to add one without the expensive costs of a remodel. One route you could take that requires less installation and labor costs is a ventless fireplace with vent-free, or ventless, gas logs. Read on to see how these fireplaces work and how to make sure you're a good candidate for installation.

How Do They Work?

Traditional, or direct-vent gas, fireplaces need ventilation to make sure that enough air feeds the fire and to make sure that smoke and other dangerous fumes escape out the chimney. Vent-free gas logs, on the other hand, are designed in a way so that they burn gas cleanly and produce almost no exhaust, so you don't need a chimney or flue. All that's required for installation is a gas line that can be hooked up to a free-standing fireplace and vent-free gas logs.

Vent-free gas logs can be more eco-friendly than other fireplaces since they don't release harmful emissions into the environment. During natural gas combustion, oxygen and methane gas will combine and then create harmless byproducts: water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Are You a Good Candidate for Ventless Gas Logs?

While vent-free gas logs can be a good fit for many families, you need to read up on your unit's maintenance and safety concerns. If vent-free gas logs aren't properly maintained, then the combustion process can be less than perfect and release harmful carbon monoxide. To avoid this problem you should:

  • look for vent-free logs that come with safety features and sensors that will shut off the fireplace depending on how much oxygen is in the room
  • only use vent-free logs in rooms with the unit's required square footage and not in smaller rooms
  • commit to servicing the vent-free logs and fireplace unit each year
  • only use the fireplace for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer (you shouldn't leave the unit on while people are sleeping)

If you are willing to commit to the safety and maintenance requirements of ventless gas logs, then you are likely a good candidate for this type of product. However, you should also check with your HOA and community building codes, as some areas may require fresh air sources to be a certain distance from the fireplace.

Reach out to a home and garden professional in your area for more information.


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