Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Is Your Screen Enclosure In Need Of Repair? Signs To Look For

by Delores Chavez

A screen enclosure is a great way to protect a garden, pool, pond, or other backyard feature. A screen enclosure is easy to install and care for and is often a cost-effective way to protect areas of your yard that can potentially be dangerous for pets or kids.

If you need screen enclosure repair, have a professional come and do these repairs as soon as possible. A compromised screen doesn't do much good, and the damage will only get worse with time. Also, attempting to repair a screen enclosure on your own is not a good idea since you can easily make your issue worse. Here are signs you need screen enclosure repair so you can keep your screen enclosure working well and in great condition.

Your screen enclosure looks loose

Your screen enclosure repair needs don't have to include a screen that is actively ripped or torn. A loose enclosure screen can also be in need of repairs. If your screen looks loose or floppy or has other issues, then you need to have repairs done. Your screen enclosure repair specialist can pull the screen and place it into its frame better or can replace the screen entirely if it's been stretched out too much to be effective.

Your screen has holes or tears

A screen can get damaged in a variety of ways. A small tear will quickly turn into a large one, however, and a tear won't keep your kids, pets, and insects out of the areas you don't want them in. It's best to have screen enclosure repair done before these damages get worse. A simple patch or professional sewing can keep a basic screen enclosure intact if it's not otherwise damaged. Older screens that are tearing away will need to be replaced.

Your screen has drastically aged

How old is your screen enclosure? It's likely going to need repairs if it's older and worn out or if it's discolored and thinning. Your screen enclosure repair specialist will show you the different ways you can repair the screen and can also give you a quote to replace the home and garden screen if the repairs are going to exceed the costs you want to spend on them.

Your goal is to have a great-working screen for your pool enclosure or other screen enclosure needs. A proper screen enclosure will not only be effective but also beautiful for your property.


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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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