Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Three Signs Of Mice In Your Home

by Delores Chavez

Of all the potential pests that can enter your home and cause problems, mice are one of the most common threats. A mouse can enter your garage or home through a tiny hole and take up residence — leaving a mess in its wake that may prompt you to take action. A local pest control service can deal with a mouse issue in many different ways, including getting rid of the pests and sealing the likely entry point into your home. If you haven't previously had mice in your home, it's useful to be aware of the indicators that these pests are present. Here are three common signs.


A good way to determine that mice are in your home is you're able to see droppings. While you might never actually see a mouse scurry past you, the presence of droppings is a telltale sign that you have a mouse problem. Mouse droppings are dark in color, generally somewhere between dark brown and black. They generally have a similar shape to a grain of rice, albeit smaller in size. They might initially be difficult to spot, but if you look carefully in areas where you believe mice may be present, you can often see droppings.


Even though it's unlikely for you to see a mouse in your home, there's a chance that you might hear one. Mice often get behind the walls of houses and can scurry around and make audible sounds. These noises are often easiest to hear at night when the house is quiet. You might hear different scratching sounds as the feet of the mice move across the wall studs and drywall. This sound can be a little unsettling to hear but can serve as a good indicator of the presence of these pests.


One of the biggest problems with having mice in your home is that they cause damage by chewing things. Even a couple of mice have the potential of creating costly damage in your home. In many cases, chewing is more of an inconvenience, however. If you have a pantry in your basement, you'll often see the corners chewed off different foods. For example, a box of pasta or a bag of rice may show signs of this damage. You won't want to eat anything from a package that mice have chewed, which is a hassle if you make this discovery when you're about to cook a meal. If you see one or more of these signs, contact a local mice control service.


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