Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Residential Painting Tips That Will Save Time And Prevent Costly Mistakes

by Delores Chavez

Following some residential painting tips can save time and prevent costly mistakes. If you are going to tackle painting more than one room in your home this spring, use the guidelines below to help you achieve a professional-looking paint job.

Wall Preparations

Lint and other debris may have settled upon the walls that you will be painting. The use of microfiber cloths and concentrated light will support cleaning loose materials from each wall. The cleaning process will ensure that paint glides seamlessly over the walls. First, set up an LED floor lamp. Aim the LED bulb directly at the wall that you will clean first. The concentrated light will highlight dirty substances that are on the wall.

Dampen a microfiber cloth and begin at the top of the wall. Move the microfiber cloth across the wall, working from the very top of the wall to the bottom. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe off each wall that you will be painting.

Paint Products

Avoid making the mistake of picking out a color of paint without knowing how it will look on the walls of your home. Paint stores feature paint swatches and small containers of sample paint that can help you hone in on a particular paint product.

Glossy paint products will not cover imperfections as well as latex paint products. Keep this in mind when selecting the paint that will be used for the residential paint job. If any of the walls in your home have scratches and other marks on their surface, the use of a latex paint product will provide you with more professional results than the use of a shiny paint product.

An Online Calculator And Prep Steps

Choose a paint variety that can be used to cover the walls in multiple rooms in your home. This strategy will ensure that you do not have a lot of extra paint left over after you have finished painting. Use an online paint calculator to determine how many gallons of paint you will need. Measure each wall and add the measurements. When using an online calculator, input the dimensions of the walls that you will be painting.

Order the paint you will need in advance. Remove furnishings and other loose items from the rooms that you will be painting. Once your paint order is ready, pick up the products and begin preparing to paint each room. Paint one room in its entirety. Once you are satisfied with the paint job, select another room in your home to paint.

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Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

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