Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Gas Fireplace Log Sets: FAQs From Curious Homeowners

by Delores Chavez

Whether you have a gas or wood-burning fireplace, these implements naturally produce a "cozy" ambiance for your home. Gas log sets can heighten that cozy factor even more. Take a look at a few of the most common questions about gas log sets

Do gas log sets have to be cleaned?  

Even though gas log sets are designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance, they may need to be cleaned periodically. The carbon created when the gas burns around the logs can accumulate on the logs and change their color or leave dark spots. Therefore, it is a good idea to allow the log set to cool completely and do some quick cleaning about once a month through the heating season. If you never clean your gas fireplace logs, the carbon buildup can get excessive and impede how well the gas burns. 

Can you install a gas log set on your own?

Gas log sets can be installed with just a few simple tools. However, a lot of homeowners prefer to have the log set installed by a contractor because you do have to connect a gas line to the log set itself. If the fireplace you currently have is not gas-powered, you will need to hire someone to run a gas line from your fuel source to the fireplace. Further, other amendments will need to be made to convert the fireplace so it can accommodate a different fuel source and handle the exhaust from burning gas instead of wood. 

Does a gas log set produce much heat?

Adding a log set to your gas fireplace will not change how much heat it produces. Generally, gas fireplaces produce a low level of heat that can be enough to warm an enclosed room. However, the heat from these fireplaces is more localized, which means it will not be distributed throughout the rest of the house. The amount of heat produced can also vary depending on the fireplace design, whether a fan is equipped, and various other factors. 

How long do gas log sets last?

A well-maintained gas log set can last for many years. The key is to make sure the set is cleaned periodically to protect the sensors from excessive carbon buildup. The materials the logs are made of are specifically designed to withstand exposure to heat and flames without being compromised. Therefore, you can fully expect gas fireplace log sets to burn for many years without an issue. 


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